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Big Brain Holdings is a full-stack early-stage and deeply crypto-native firm investing in world changing Web3 ideas


Blockchains and infrastructure that supports both the stability and growth of Web3 are continuously evolving and scaling. Technologies are emerging today that not only scale blockchain but provide critical functions such as decentralization, privacy, and interoperability across the increasingly sprawling ecosystem.


The emergence of DeFi blew past all expectations in the last few years as capital and transactional volume exploded. Blockchain technology is a critical evolutionary infrastructure to serve as the financial rails fit for a modern and globalised world.

Web3 Gaming & Metaverse

The number of video gamers in the world has reached almost 40% of the entire global population and is still growing. Entirely new digital economies will flourish through gaming on a shared and global state, enabled by blockchain.


Tokens, both fungible and NFTs, enable a new way for people to interact and engage with each other, brands and influential figures. Next generations can finally own their own social graphs and networks in a trustless and censorship-resistant manner.

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